The steps in publishing singles for singers

The way of producing and releasing a single is not always clear and predetermined.
It is important to know how to correctly start of each stage and what to expect.

1. First of all, there’s the voice – singers who intend to release singles probably they have lovely voice, but need to know how to sing correctly and utilize the potential of their vocal cords to the fullest but not harm it.

The vocal development stage does not end quickly and it’s better to preserve the voice regularly. Singers, who have used to take voice lessons but they can keep practicing and training their voice alone can continue without a teacher.

2. Searching and finding a suitable song the Stage of finding a suitable song is most critical and should not be underestimated or compromise. If the singer isn’t a composer or writer, then it’s better to make contact with composers, songwriters, songwriters, etc.

The words and music must match the singer’s voice, range, musical style and the singers target audience. A great and simple way to find a fitting composer and songwriter is to find a familiar song which the singer is connected to, and then to contact to whom wrote and composed it.

3. Selecting a musical arranger – the role of the musical arranger is to take the words and the melody and determine how the listener hear them at the end of the process – what pace, tempo, what scale, what instruments will be integrated into the song, such as drums, guitars, piano, bass, loops, effects and etc., what each instrument will be playing and when, the right harmony (chords), and so on. Good arranger hears the song and knows how it should sound at the end.

Choosing a musical arranger is similar to the process of choosing songwriter. Again, the best way is to hear arrangements of familiar songs and turn to the arranger that your ear loved his work.

4. Selecting a recording studio – in many cases the arranger is also the studio’s owner and the transaction amount may include all costs. In Case studio was elected separately, note the number of individuals;

You need to visit several studios and at first to feel the place. if you feel at home, whether the place “hot” and the people who work there make you feel comfortable and so on. In addition, you must hear works that were made in this particular studio with the same equipment. And also to clarify the expected process, the cost of all components in the production and payment terms.

After you have finished the recording and mixing, do NOT skip on the mastering process. Mastering a song is crucial step which makes the song to a finished product in terms of sound, stability and accuracy of sound in the different media.

Getting the perfect mastering today is easy, with Sonesta Mastering, a professional and affordable online mastering studio that offers high fidelity mastering and mixing services, and as a singer, you will get to hear your voice at exceptional quality.

5. Cover design – you should contact a professional graphic artist who will design a cover which fits the song and the singer. Prominent cover (not necessarily loud) may attract attention and arouse a desire to hear the song in it.

6. Copies printing – there are many factories that print copies of singles. The quality is changing depending on the price.

7. Sending the single to radio stations – Collect all phone numbers and addresses of various editors at radio stations to send everyone a copy of your single with a communiqu, a printed page telling about the singer and his style, background, concerts, etc.. Make sure everyone gets the single and hears it. If they like it – great, if not, you may ask (politely) to know why.

8. Public relations – For those who have enough budget it’s recommended to hire a service of public relations, which will do the marketing work of a single in the various media – radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet. A good office with the right connections may be the difference between success to treading, of the singer and the song. In addition, good office saves singers time and frustrations dealing with various the bodies.

9. Concerts – singer should always aspire to be performing, anywhere and on any platform, certainly at least in the early career. Performing before a live audience in many areas is the best and excellent school for singers. Also, the radio stations editors usually like singers that perform on stages, they consider it as seriousness, continuity, devotion and so on.

Good luck!

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