Stem Mastering Service

In addition to our top mastering service we also offer stem mastering for clinets who want to get our mastering engineer all the control on the process. for clinets who perfer to give us the most possible control over their mix we offer stem mastering service.

the stems allows us to get deeper on the mix and get more possible on the process for take the sound of the song to excellent results. for example our engineers can get more control adjust frequencies and levels. it also allows us to correct and slove problems in the mix.

How To Prepare Your Mix

Preparing a mix for stem mastering service involves grouping your instruments into individual stems. We accept up to 8 stems per song, and as a general rule you want to group similar instruments together. An example set of stems would be: Kick, Percussion, lead vocals, rhythm guitars, lead guitar, and bass.

The stems you submit can be separated any way that will give our engineer the best options to work with your track. As with all mastering projects you should leave  -6db of headroom and remove any master bus (Fx, Limmiter etc) processing from each stem. Stems should all be the exact same length and start and stop at the same time (this is crucial so the tracks line up when they are mixed together).


Upload a finished mix and We’ll master your song and send back between 1-2 minute sample at no cost.

Upload Your Song

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