Reverse reverb with a difference

Standard reverse reverb in which the reverse moves in right before a singer’s phrases or the drumbeats is known to all. What’s unique is to do it in a tidy way by recording unlimited reverb on a different track before reversing it.

For instance, if you have a slow middle part of the kind of an interlude and before it a part which ends on a snare hit, you can record the latter on a different track lending it an immense reverb like that of a cathedral with limitless decay.

After that you may reverse the audio, lowering it in the mix. The effect you have this way is a strange but controlled reverb permeating your slow part.

Treating vocals to Gated Reverb

Gated reverb on vocals produces excellent effect as can be noticed in the song On Call by Kings of Leon, where we see his vocal reverb lingering as long as he sings but stops abruptly the moment he stops.

You can apply your processor to a gate and side-chain the sound source to the gate. It makes the gate open for the reverb everytime the singer sings but when the sound level dips below the threshold of the gate, it is abruptly cut off when the sound signal dips below the threshold.

Making audio sound louder

Consider a scenario in which you have spaced out the outro of Sigur Ros rock and the drum goes like untamably at the end.

That’s something experimental, and it gives joy. Just automate the reverb to make drums and snares and anything for that matter and have them louder and louder. I know for sure that it would add magic to that song for its audience.

Panning the reverbs

You may try mono reverbs for a mono sound source and insert them somewhere else in the mix to create a really unique impression.Leave space between source and reverb

It is a good practice to make use of standard room reverb and fiddle with with the pre-delay to the effect that it sounds louder without hanging on for quite a long time. For instance, if you are dealing with vocals, it would create room between the vocal parts and the reverb.

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