Audio Mastering Rates

Our prices are very competitive with other studios. You will find lower priced budget studios, however when you compare our equipment, experience, and final sound Sonesta Mastering has the best rates around for professional mastering. In addition we have discounts for multiple songs or albums and express mastering services when a faster turnaround is possible for your project.

Stereo Mastering Prices

Stereo Mastering is our standard service and appropriate for most projects. Files submitted should be the highest resolution file available (24bit, 32bit) WAV or AIF format. It’s important to leave between -6db of headroom on the track, and also make sure there is no master bus compression or limiting open. Finished tracks are delivered as downloadable Standard WAV files.

1 - 3 Tracks
Per Track
4 - 6 Tracks
Per Track
7 - 9 Tracks
Per Track
10 + Tracks
Per Track

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