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Sonesta Mastering offers high quality audio mastering service  for artists, labels, Dj’s, producers, filim music mastering, movies mastering, album, ep, vocals and many more, all over the world at best rates, with quick turnaround times and also offers a master sample for all at no cost.Music mastering is the final process before releasing a song or an album to the media or public, and it’s such an important step if you want your music to have the best sound!

Our specialty is to make your music on the high level sound and make it perfect for any media.Sonesta Mastering ensures all the balance, levels, and anything in your music are in the right way with the best sound to be played on any kind of media like: itunes, beatport, soundcloud, myspace, reverbnation, CD, radio, tv, youtube, etc. We are proud to serve lots of worldwide musicians from unknown names to famous names for many years.

Our experience allowing us to make the perfect sound for each kind of music such as: rap, house music, trance music, club music, electronic music, dubstep, rock, heavy metal, country music, pop music, reggae, and many more.Check out our Online Mastering service and to get more information.

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