What is an audio channel?

When the audio signal gets into a mixer the main process taking place in the audio channel. Audio channel is an electronic component which includes tools that allow you to boost the signal, shape the sound and send it to continue. Audio channel can be found independent hardware unit or a more familiar form in the mixer. Signal handling capabilities and manipulate existing sound mixer channel very broad and dependent on the quality of the mixer and the purpose of use.

Most of the sound changes occur as the channel itself. Depending on the model, a mixer can contain different amount of channels. Some mixers have four channels, there have 8, 12, 16, 24 and even 48 channels, with which we can design the same amount of audio signals. Most mixers, the incoming audio signal channel will be monophonic. There are mixers that can put two monophonic signals into a single channel stereophonic signal treat. Usually the top channel mixer is the audio signal into it and the underside is the origin of the signal, where it continues to the next step. Input audio to the channel and exits is called streaming audio (Signal Flow).

When the signal passes through the channel, you can also make other actions such as sending a single channel external or internal effects and then return to the channel or anywhere else and also sending a copy of the headphone or monitor channel. Origins of the channel, the audio signal goes naturally to the sound system or, alternatively, any other destination you choose router.

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