Trance Music Mastering

Trance is a genre of electronic music that developed during the 90s. Trance is characterized by multiple layers of sound (channels), repetitive loop, creating a kind of rhythm with hypnotic effect.

It also features a high tempo trance, drum machines much use and synthesizers create a psychedelic sound. Usually absent from human vocals, although that genre has evolved, this also added tracks released artists. The roots of trance music are techno and house and, despite the use of electronic music began in the seventies and eighties.

this days the trance is everywhere, tv, mtv, radio, youtube, soundcloud, clubs, festivals, and Parties.
Trance music has become a culture, many pepole around the world love it, live it, dance it and dress in trance style.

to get the best sound from the music need get great mastering engineer and becouse this reason we offer this service,
Sonesta Mastering Specialized in Trance music mastering in any trance style, the best mastering quality for trance music.

Below is a list of musical styles included in the definition of “trance.” Each of them has its own artistic features, but they all sucked inspired by traditional electronics is the techno – though some moved away from the mainstream.

Psy Trance
Prograssive Trance
Psychedelic Trance
Melodic Trance
Tech Trance
Dark Trance
Uplfting Trance – European Trance style originally intended and melodic side of trance
Club Trance
Dark Prograssive Trance
Dark Prog
Full on Trance

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