mp3 or wav for mastering

WAV Or MP3 – What Should You Choose?

Before you master a track, you may choose between MP3 and WAV formats. But which format do you think is the best? Things will look simple and easy for you; just keep reading the post below.

WAV files are used for a CD and online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Beatport, and also for Radio, video, DVD and all other media where best audio quality is needed.

Before you send your track to a Mastering Studio, make sure your WAV files are uncompressed.

MP3 file is a compressed music file which has a great sound quality and loads fast but it’s only recommended to used it over the internet.

Why choosing WAV for the master? Here are a few effective reasons that you need to know.

  1. The ideal situation is to use WAV and then to convert it to MP3 if needed, and not the opposite. When we convert MP3 to WAV you actually do nothing, because the quality has been cut already. WAV is essentially contains all the frequencies of the original track from the creation. The entire process of file conversion from mp3 to WAV would harm the quality.
  2. At 44,1000 KHZ and a 16-bit WAV which has a proper full response that goes up to 22KHZ, MP3 cuts as well as 18KHZ marks. We can always hear up to 22KHZ depending on the age.
  3. Most of the people cannot hear 20KHZ and the reason is because they miss a lot of the frequencies of the track. As musicians we aspire that our creation will have the best sound that’s possible.
  4. Let’s assume your track has been converted to mp3 but then you discover a problem such as clipping, it is not impossible in terms of quality, to return back for making changes to the track. The right way to do it for making changes is on the highest quality file which is WAV.
  5. Nowadays, hard disc and storage place like Cloud are large and very cheap, not like in the old days when it was hard and expensive to store. Today we have simple and inexpensive way to store large files which could help us if and when we’ll have to open project files, and in particular WAV. (WAV 24 bit of the 6-minute should weight around 128MG -150MG)

In the bottom line, mp3 is not the best quality for your song, so if you are looking for the best mastering you better choose WAV file and also choose Sonesta mastering, a professional online mastering studio to do it for you at affordable price.




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