Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are Mastering By Sonesta Mastering

We recently mastered a new Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are, song.

This song is one of the best pop music hits in the last years with more then 300 million views in youtube!!!

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Dj Tomekk & Mario Winans – I Miss You (Sonesta Mastering)

Dj Tomekk & Mario Winans – I Miss You, Ta Ta Was A Rolling Stone (Antoine Montana Heartbreak Remix)

We’re glad that a song that we mastered  have became a huge International hit.

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How to Choose Laptop for DJing

External Hardware

The very first thing you are supposed to consider beore buying a laptop is the external hardware that you’ll need. External ports, which determine the kind and capacity of connectivity, will be an important factor in selecting a laptop for yourself.

Also, you need USB 2.0 for the controller, USB 2.0 or FW400 for the soundcard, FW400 or FW800 for the sondcard, FW400 or FW800 for the external hard drive… Read more

Cue Using Traktor Countdown To Cue

Cue is one of the important thing you need to know before you gonna play a dj set or live.
the first points to say here is that: this feature is only useful if you got your tracks prepared, the cue points that allow you to jump around between different sections of the track.

The beats To Cue shows three numbers, which are from left to right , bar,phrase and beat. In the below image, in this video you can understand how to do it perfect!



Tips For New DJ


Things to start with

Beginning is not much of a problem if you just want to begin. All it requires is a laptop and right software. However, there hardware mixing to be looked ater, which requires at the very lest two separate stereo audio outputs.

Mising feture comes in-built with the sotware. When it works, one stereo signal works as a cue whereas the other is a mastered one.

You could… Read more

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